At Child Focused Children Services we recognise that all children have a right to see their families in a safe and secure environment.

Measures being implemented within the centre 

  • Generally, the medical advice is that everyone over 11 years old, should be wearing a face covering when inside to increase protection from the Coronavirus. All users of the centre will be encouraged to wear a face covering mask.  Staff will be provided with masks and gloves. Any contact taking place with a staff member wearing a mask or gloves, the family and children will be advised prior to contact taking place to avoid any distress.
  • CFCS will provide sanitising hand gel at the main reception area, entry points to CFCS and all contact rooms which will be offered to all using the service. Staff and Volunteers will be expected to wash their hands with soapy water or hand gel regularly.  Entry will not be permitted unless hand sanitizer is used.
  • The reception desk area has been secured with a screen to avoid direct contact between administrative staff and those attending the Centre.
  • We have a ready supply of tissues available onsite and recommend that these be disposed of into a rubbish bin once used.  These are placed in individual rooms and will be disposed of after each contact.
  • We will also ensure that bathrooms have an adequate supply of washing facilities, including soap, warm water and an appropriate method of hand drying, including paper towels.  
  • All hard surfaces that come into contact with hands (regularly) will be cleaned with warm soapy water following each contact. Such surfaces will include the following, as a minimum: 
    • Door handles.  
    • Doorbells / intercoms.  
    • Handrails, Banisters and Stairgates.  
    • Taps, Toilet Roll Holders / Dispensers and Paper Towel Dispensers.  
    • Work Tops, Tables and Chairs.  
    • Toys and activities used in the room
  • NHS/Government notices have been added to the entry doors, restricting access to those with outlined symptoms or those who have returned from restricted countries.  Entry will not be permitted to the building until the arranged contact time. No one will be allowed to wait within the Centre unless it is within their specified contact time.
  • NHS/Government notices have been put up around the centre, in all contact rooms and communal areas.  These provide up to date information on the spread of coronavirus and how to minimize the risks.
  • All adults entering the centre will have their temperature taken (providing they give consent). If consent is not given or the person has a temperature of more than 37.8 they will be asked to leave and contact will be cancelled.  This will be completed prior to access to the main building.
  • All staff and users of the centre will be advised to maintain social distancing, maintaining a two-meter distance.
  • Contact workers have been advised to telephone families/carers ahead of any community contacts to ensure everyone is well. Any symptoms expressed or shown by any party will result in the contact being cancelled.  
  • All staff have completed training in the prevention of the spread of Covid 19 to increase awareness of prevention control.
  • All users of CFCS are being asked to sign a contract outlining they understand and will adhere to the policies set out by CFCS regarding COVID 19 prior to contact services being provided. These can where appropriate be discussed by telephone or through the referrer.
  • As an employer, we are implementing Welsh Government guidelines regarding the safety of employees at CFCS whilst they undertake their key role in providing this essential service.

Virtual Contact being implemented following NACCC procedural guidelines

CFCS have been working alongside our partners The National Association for Child Contact Centre’s in setting up virtual contact, allowing families to maintain links whilst not being able to see one another. CFCS have created guidance for staff to undertake these contacts safely. Detailed agreements have been created which are shared with parties prior to the contacts taking place.