Child Focused Children Services Family Time and Assessment centre provides a child-centred environment that puts the needs of children first. Based in the centre of Pontypool we aim to provide a safe, stimulating, friendly and comfortable place for families to spend quality time together.

Child Focused Children Services (CFCS) primary aim is to deliver and provide a nurturing, stimulating yet neutral environment for families to meet and spend time together in a safe and welcoming setting.

We have six family time rooms, which have been refurbished and equipped for a wide age range of children and families.

These rooms can also be used for meetings and interviews if required. Our facilities are adapted for ease of access and use for persons with disability or difficulties with mobility.

Child Focused Children Services (CFCS) was founded in 2013 by Sharon Thomas and Rachel Blackmore. Rachel and Sharon have a wealth of social work experience that underpins the ethos within the centre. Our focus is on the needs of the child. Ceri Burge, is a qualified Social Worker and our Centre Manager and David Devney is our Assistant Centre Manager.

We have a competent group of Family Time Supervisors who also bring with them extensive experience working with children. All family time supervisors receive training, to understand; professional boundaries, child protection, confidentially, Life Story, recording and a detailed knowledge of the looked after children process and the Children’s Act. All contact supervisors are fully DBS checked, hold business car insurance, formal ID and are supported through regular supervision with a qualified senior member of staff.

National Association of Child Contact Centres

Child Focused Children Services hold a current accreditation with the National Association of Child Contact Centres.

The National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) was founded in Nottingham in 1991 with the establishment of the first Child Contact Centre. It is a registered charity, and an umbrella organisation which sets the National Standards to which Child Contact Centres must work. NACCC is a membership organisation and members choose to be accredited. NACCC’s role is to ensure that child contact centres work to the national standards for supported contact and supervised contact, which ensure that families using the services are safe. The national standards are updated by NACCC in line with legislation and good practice.

Child Contact Centres – NACCC